Signal Sampler

Language: Assembly
Environment: Microprocessor
Role: Solo Developer

Observing Signals with Assembly

MC9S12C Chip


During my microprocessors course, we slowly worked our way up levels of assembly coding, learning lots of instructions and techniques. This signal sampler was the culmination of all this knowledge and was the final project. Using a serial connection, this program takes 1024 samples of a signal running at a rate of 8 kHz, and prints out their values to the terminal.

There were many different areas of microprocessor design that were used within this project ranging from simple addition and load operations to more complex systems like timer interrupts and SCI communication. The first image you see above was taken from a simulator provided by the chip manufacturer and is used to test assembly programs before running them on a physical chip. The second image is a portion of a report I wrote, showcasing a plot of 1024 values that were outputted by the program observing a sinusoidal signal.